Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Summer Update!

It has been a while since I posted, but I thought I would check in an give everyone a little update on life in the Snyder house.

On July 4th, Janae and Esther had their casts cut off. This was a most traumatic and long day for the girls (and Mommy and Daddy) resulting in lots of tears and screaming, some confusion as to instructions for the new braces, and some really good naps in the car on the way home (for the girls, not the parents :) But, the casts are off and the girls are really adjusting well to their hip abduction braces (also known as Rhino Cruiser braces). These are made of one piece of long plastic to which are attached pieces of soft foam that go around the thighs and waist and are held in place by velcro straps. They are really easy to put on, and more importantly, take off!

The girls will be in their braces for a while, though we are going to slowly start weaning them off of daytime wear this week. Then they will only wear them for 12 hours at night, though we aren't sure how many weeks this will be necessary. They are both sitting well on their own, both in their braces and out. Janae is crawling all over the place and really wants to stand - once the braces are off, it won't be long before her and Leah will be playing tag I am sure!

Speaking of Leah, she is having a blast this summer. As I write, she is out with Daddy picking blueberries. Most days she can be found outside playing with her babies, the wagon, or her new play centre (this was the girls' birthday gift this year).

Daddy is really busy with work, but is managing to get some work done around the house and spend time with his girls too. The veggie garden looks great thanks to his watering and fertilizing efforts, and the new trees are thriving under his care.

Mommy is surviving on little sleep and lots of house work, but is having a good summer too. I am getting geared up for the Fergus Scottish Festival in a few weeks (August 10-12) and working on some holiday planning for the big Germany trip in September.

And yes, it does take a long time to plan, organize and pack a family of five for such a big trip - can't leave that one until the day before!

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