Wednesday, 13 June 2012

9 Weeks In...

Well, we are nine weeks into this chaos and finally I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Three weeks I can deal with. Especially since Hubby is almost done his afternoon shift stretch, the weather is gorgeous, and I have the girls' first birthday to plan as well.

I am just stunned and amazed, as I am sure you all are too, that my little babies are going to be one year old. It seems like just yesterday I was waddling around, getting pitiful looks from friends, family and complete strangers alike. The first few days are kind of a blur, but I remember all of the love and support we received in those days (and still are receiving every day!) and I am so thankful that we have such great friends and family and neighbours too!

 It was also this time last year that Hubby and I celebrated our fifth anniversary. Hubby whisked me away for an amazing getaway just the two of us in Collingwood - it was the most thoughtful and romantic surprise he has ever given me. It also gave us some much needed down time together. Something we could really use this year for our sixth anniversary! 

But have no fear, we are going to get some hours to ourselves this weekend - the kids are taken care of and we are going out! No idea what we are doing or where we are going, but I really don't care as long as it is just the two of us and we can eat our food hot, hold each other's hands and walk at our own pace.

Here are some updated photos of the girls - have a great night!
P.S. They have leg warmers on - Janae's new cast is green and Esther's is rainbow!

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