Friday, 1 June 2012


It is the 1st of June and it looks like April out there! at least the corn is up and my garden is looking great so far (just ignore the weeds :)

Sorry I haven't written an update in a while!

Last Friday, Janae and Esther had their casts changed - which means we are half-way! Well, now we are over half-way, 7.5 weeks in. The girls are looking good in their new casts and their hips are where they should be! Janae is sporting a new bright green cast and Esther is gorgeous in a colourful rainbow pattern - you gotta see it to believe it! I will work on posting some pictures soon (once I can get a good shot that is!)

We also were given the date for their final cast removal! July 6th! So, the countdown is on. This is the day after the girls' first birthday, so we will have two things to celebrate that week - we'll most likely combine the two events in one big party :)

They did just fine at the hospital and seem to be comfortable in their new casts, though I am a little concerned about space for growing, especially around their legs. But we'll monitor their feet and make sure circulation is good for the next 5 weeks.

Janae has figured out how to "crawl" in her cast and is having fun pulling herself around and pushing herself in circles. Esther is less enthused about being on her stomach, so she hasn't ventured there yet. It will be fun to see what mischief these two will get into when they are really able to motor around!
I can't wait!

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