Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Leah's View

I was trying to explain to Leah today what is going to happen to the twins tomorrow. We were in the car driving home from Grandma's and I was trying to get her calmed down after not wanting to leave. So we started talking about things to look forward to, like a sleepover at her cousin's and a playdate the next day. She wondered why the twins weren't going to be with her:

They are going to the hospital. Why? Because they need to see the doctor. Why? Because they are going to get something fixed. Do they have a hole? No. One of their bones needs fixing. Why? Is it broken? Did they fall? No sweetie, it just needs fixing.

A long pause.

Mommy, I need my bones fixing? (In a timid voice). No sweetie, you are fine. You don't need your bones fixed.

Another pause.

I get to sleep at Emanuel's house? Yes. You are going for a sleepover at aunty's house.

Followed by ten minutes of happy babbling about her cousin, her aunty's house and all of the fun things she is going to do there.

I love her so much.

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