Monday, 9 April 2012

Two More Sleeps

The twins started crying tonight right on schedule, about 2 hours after bed time. Normally this is followed by feelings of dread, frustration, hopelessness and fed-upness. Why can't my babies be those "angel babies" who just sleep on their own from birth, letting their mommies get their much needed rest to restore their energy for those full days ahead?

But tonight, those feelings left as quickly as they came. I found myself looking forward to going into the twin's room, picking each one of them up, craddling them in my arms and nursing them until they fell back to sleep. And when they cry again at 1am, 3am, 5am and finally wake up for the day at 7am, I may be exhausted, but right now I really don't care.

You see, there are only two more sleeps until the "groove" that we've settled into will once again be turned on it's head and we will once more face the unknown. We've faced lots of those in the last 3 years. Living abroad. First-time parents to our two and a half year old Leah. Finding out that we were expecting twins. Adjusting to life with three children under two years old...

And now the latest unknown. Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH). It basically means that both Janae and Esther's right hips are dislocated and need to be put back in place before the hip bone and the joints can grow correctly. The procedure will be followed by 3 months in Hip Spica casts, which means their little bodies will be enveloped in hard casts from their armpits to their ankles.

If we didn't do anything, there is a very good chance that the girls would have pain in their teenage years, be unable to do sports, and could require a hip replacement in their forties. So, we as parents, will do the right thing and entrust our children's tiny bodies to those who make it their jobs to make things right.

So tonight, I am going to enjoy my cuddles; their tiny bodies wrapped around my body. Their little feet tucked against my ribs. The feel of their soft bellies breathing against my own. Who cares that it's once again the middle of the night, and once again I am out of my bed, when there are such precious moments to enjoy?

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