Sunday, 15 April 2012

Four Days in...

Well, we're four days in and I think we're surviving pretty well.

Janae and Esther have really adjusted well so far to their Spica Casts. I can see them moving their little feet all the time, make circles with their ankles and I think they are just happy that they can at least do that with their feet. Janae jumps up and down in her cast like she thinks if she justs jumps hard enough she will jump right out - she looks like a little turtle bobbing her head in and out of her shell.

I think the hardest part of the whole two-day process of waiting, surgery, recovery, medication, hysterics, dopyness, fasting, second surgery, CT scans, x-rays and teething has been the powerlessness I feel as a mother. They are my babies and I hate seeing them so restricted, especially when they were just becoming so independent, moving around and grabbing the toys they want. I know development-wise this won't harm them at all, and if anything their fine motor skills will develop that much quicker. Lots of people talk about how much work it will be when both of them are running around and I have to chase them in two directions, but in all honesty, I was looking forward to it. It is so much fun, playing tag, chasing each other, rolling around and having tickle fights; now I am looking forward to that day so much more!

Thankfully, my husband is the handyest guy I know and he has made awesome tables for the girls to sit at while they are playing and eating. It has already made a world of difference and I can tell the girls are so happy to have a bit of their independence back.

Hubby is back to work tomorrow and "real life" begins again. Thankfully, I have a great support system set up and I know that between us, we'll keep the girls comfortable, Leah looked after, my sanity intact...oh, and maybe some house work will get done in our "free"moments. Ha!

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